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Relaxing Stimulating I worked with Linda she really knows her stuff.

Simone Woods

Great, cozy studio. Ownermade me feel so comfortable and she is so personable. Will definitely go back.


"I had a wonderful experience I recommend this to anyone who needs a little off the top. Took about 30 minutes very comfortable not painful at all and a nice quaint studio I will recommend this to my friends."


Great customer service, nice environment, so pleased I made the purchase!


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Beauty Bae Studio  

6320 Monona Dr

Suite 215

monona, Wi 53716          


Contact 608-419-2592

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Back Massage

At Beauty Bae Studio we specialize in Body Sculpting fitness postop products and the all around health and wellness. Schedule you'r consultation today.

Beauty Bae Studio 

6320 Monona Drive 

Suite 215

Monona, Wi 53716


Phone 1-608-419-2592

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